Laura Proctor is a freelance photojournalist and documentary photographer based in Toronto, Ontario.

Laura is a member of Women Photograph and works in both longer-form documentary storytelling and daily news. Her work has been published in STAT News, AARP, Canada’s National Observer, and The Hoser.

Laura is dedicated to maintaining the dignity of those she photographs, believing that mutual respect is part of quality and responsible photojournalism. She has a soft spot and knack for photographing children and families, and has an interest in health-related projects.

Laura grew up in Hawkestone, a small village north of Barrie, Ontario, where she and her two siblings were raised and homeschooled by a single mother. Laura became interested in photography at a young age and spent her youth photographing friends, family, neighbours, and local events.

This is how her grandmother once described her:
”She is a bit tall ...longish brown hair ..glasses...mask of course ...with cameras draped over her shoulders.”

Instagram: @lauraproctorphoto
Twitter: @lproctorphoto

+ 1 416 669 0460

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